Counselling Couples

Attraction, Love, Marriage, Children, A match made in heaven and we all lived happily ever after?? didn’t we?
We can all get stuck in a rut, start to resent, mistrust and dislike our Partners…What happened? Where did it all go wrong?

We get together for what seems to be for all the right reasons so why do you find yourself in this position now unable to resolve those feelings and communicate like you used to.

Couple counselling offers you both a chance to hear each other again to resolve and understand from each other perspective what is happening to your relationship.

I will work with you both without judgement and I don’t collude with one or the other of you I am completely impartial in the process and together work to either help you resolve issues or to split up amicably.

Life is too short to feel this bad, when our relationship isnt working, you can guarantee other areas of our lives are suffering too as a consequence. I will support both of you within this difficult period using Therapuetic techniques to enable you both to get the most out of our sessions.

I trained with St Austells Relate to be a couple counsellor in 2009, and have a variety of experience working with male and female couples and same sex couples. (you don’t have to be married) of all ages and backgrounds.

Couple Counselling costs £60 per session (there are consessions for those in receipt of mean tested benefits)